Paid surveys, I’ve tried various apps.

I have tried various paid survey/or paid games apps where you get paid for playing a game or for your opinions. Most pay very little or screen you out everytime. I have, however, discovered this app……

Wanna give it a go? I’m inviting you to join AttaPoll. Get paid to take surveys. Download the app here: https://attapoll.app/join/sedvu )

It seems to pay out reasonably and gives you a varying amount depending on the survey. I downloaded it yesterday and have already earnt over £3 just popping on there when I have the odd few minutes here and there. If I achieve approx. the same each day, that’s an extra £21 a week in my pocket. You can cash the earnings in as a gift voucher or add to your paypal wallet.

Maybe do a few on your train/bus journey to work, or the shops etc….

If I continue to get around the same amount in future, that will pay for my dogs food each month, as well as my sim only phone contract. I count that as a win!!

Wanna give it a go? I’m inviting you to join AttaPoll. Get paid to take surveys. Download the app here: https://attapoll.app/join/sedvu

Yes, I get a little if you join, but if you add friends you’ll also get a little if they join. Delete it if you find it’s not for you, but it’s free to download and join.

Totally Gripped!

I looked on Netflix yesterday and discovered that Lockwood & Co had finally arrived. This is the latest series from Writer/Director Joe Cornish, best known for such movies as Attack The Block and The Kid Who Would Be King.

This series is an adaptation of the young adult books written by Jonathan Stroud. I’m not sure how many books there are in the series, but there are 8 episodes of Lockwood & Co, I know this because I double checked before the first episode had even finished.

The story revolves around a small group teenage ghost-hunters as they navigate a London disturbed by spirits and spooky apparitions.

On Netflix the series is rated a 12 in the UK, but age 14 in the US. The ratings are due to language, sex references, and violence. I think some 12 year olds might well find it a bit too scary, but equally some will love it! You need to pay attention to the legal age obviously, but also know the audience well – nobody wants nightmares or a traumatised child. I personally would have been thrilled to watch something this good at that age.

There are naturally for this type of programme plenty of special effects, and you grow to love or hate the various characters depending on each one’s personality and roles in the story.

As the story unfolds various secrets are revealed, and most frustratingly we are left on a cliff hanger at the end.

I am now very impatiently longing for the next series to be released!!

P.S, If you have a dog, please walk it before you start watching Lockwood & Co, as you may well be totally mesmerised by it.

Leisure pleasures

In my free time I enjoy walking the dog, going to the cinema, watching a good show at the theatre, and of course I love shopping.

I usually go to my local Vue cinema which has brilliant wheelchair access, and the staff willingly offer to help with doors, and carry snacks etc…. make sure I’m comfortably settled before leaving me to enjoy the film. Various films I’ve enjoyed include ‘the theory of everything’, ‘mamma mia’, ‘the book thief’ and ‘angel’s falling’.

At the theatre I’ve seen a variety of shows including ‘Evita’, ‘chitty chitty bang bang’, ‘Mamma Mia, ‘the nutcracker’, and pirates of penzance’.

I love shopping and window shopping, but though I love clothes I don’t enjoy clothes shopping as its difficult or impossible to try clothes on instore, and they tend to need altering for me if I get anything much fancier than a t-shirt. Also I seem to have an awful tendency to get to really like a brand or store for them to go and close down. I’ve done this to a couple of stores now.

I wonder what I’ll go and see next.

What is clutter, what does that word mean to you?

Where can you reduce clutter in your life?

Others would say I have a lot of clutter, but I would disagree with that statement. I have lots of things, but a serious lack of storage space and i think that is the main issue.

My disability means that I can only reach things within a certain height/distance range, so tidying everything away into low drawers, onto high shelves isn’t a practical option day to day living.

A good amount of my belongings are related to my hobbies and interests, so one great solution for my so called ‘clutter’, would be the creation of a craft room, with lots of table space, drawers and shelves at suitable heights and even better if they are height adjustable. If I had this space i would also spend more time crafting, reading, taking photos etc…. because it would be so much easier and quicker to avcess the things I need for each project.

I would love to have a minimalist appearance around my own home, with one exception being in the craft room which would probably never look tidy for more than a day.

No Internet.

Well, the phone line has a fault so no Internet connection here at the moment.

I am writing this as a note on my mobile phone, then will be able to copy and paste it onto my blog once the WiFi is up and running again.

Its weird not having the instant access to the world that we have all become accustomed to. No up to the minute weather forecast, or news, no notifications that someone has added a new article to their blog, no funny photos via WhatsApp or social media, can’t send or receive emails either.

Most places I go to provide WiFi access, so my data allowance is kept small as it’s generally unnecessary most of the time, and saves money too.

This takes me back to those days in my far distant past where there was no home Internet, or the actually more frustrating era known as dial-up, where you got knocked offline everytime the house phone was used. Man that was so annoying!!

Children and teenagers of today would struggle to imagine life without Internet at all. It is used for almost every sector of our lives, from communication, education, health care, entertainment, banking etc…..

Would you be happy to live in a world where Internet didnt exist after having experienced it?

I’d be happy to live in a world which is far less instant, but feel that the possibilities provided by the Internet and modern technology outweigh the negatives.

Imagine having lived throughout lockdown without any Internet, we’d have been excluded from the world at large, and even from local friends and family. It would have caused so much more isolation, no video calling to catch up with and check in on people to see how they were getting on.

This ability was incredibly vital during lockdown, as you weren’t allowed to spend time with others, and couldn’t even visit dying loved ones in hospital. It allowed some families to say their last goodbyes, not in person, but the nearest that was possible.

Alexa enables people to live more independently, she can open and shut windows, turn lights on, set reminders for medication & appointments, read audio books online, find information for someone who can’t physically hold a book or use a computer.

Gosh, isn’t technology incredible when you actually sit down and think about all the things it helps us to do.

Jobs in care.

What do you imagine when you think of a job as a Carer/PA? I ask this because every one will be different.

Some people will need a carer to basically do everything for them, which is what I imagine most people assume they’d be doing if they worked in care, but this isn’t always the case. Some just need a bit of extra help to complete tasks they can’t do unaided.

Also, do you automatically picture the client as being elderly? If so, think again. There are many people who are working age (and children too) that need a PA to support them to live the fulfilling and independent life they deserve.

Imagine being 28 for example, and not being able to pop down to the local cafe to meet a friend for lunch, because you don’t have the support to get ready and get there and back.

Those who are lucky enough to find a PA have limited hours (unless they are well off enough to pay for the hours they need) which will cover the basic needs, which need to be prioritised, which can well mean little to no social time.

Being a PA can be a great experience if you work for someone you really get on with, and it can give you access to opportunities you might not otherwise have got. Such as being paid to travel abroad, weekends away, go to concerts that you couldn’t have afforded.

If you see a job advert for a Carer/PA opening, don’t dismiss it automatically, be curious if you think it might be interesting then enquire more about what the job entails and who knows you might end up applying for the job and loving it.

Fun times.

List five things you do for fun.

Fun can be found in so many ways, here are a few things I really enjoy doing.

1. Reading is something I find great fun, and it can be educational too. I love delving into different stories and disappearing into yet another world, whether it be one about wizards and magic, or a murder mystery book. As you read it opens your eyes and imagination to new possibilities, it also helps improve your spelling and vocabulary.

2. Shooting, in my case target shooting using an air pistol. This is really enjoyable, I go to a fantastic local club which is accessible for wheelchair users, but anyone is more than welcome to have a go as long as they are able to shoot safely and follow instructions. I thrive on the challenge of trying to better my previous scores, and take part in competitions too.

3. Word games are a something I find fun to do whilst I’m sat having a cuppa, I do enjoy Wordle, word searches, crosswords, anagrams, and other word puzzles too. Wordle is done while enjoying my first cuppa of the day, it helps getting my brain working in the morning.

4. Paper crafting, and being creative in general helps me relax and it’s a great way of making something personal and unique for Birthdays, Christmas etc….

5. I love spending time in the garden in the warmer months, just enjoying nature, planting seeds and watching things grow.

Hidden secrets.

As a child I loved reading mystery stories, you know, those ones with smugglers and other crimes too.

Apart from the excitement of finding out what was going to happen next, and who the guilty person was, and their capture. I was also absolutely fascinated by all the secret passageways and hidden entrances.

The ‘detectives’ in these books were often children, such and those in the ‘Famous Five’ stories. Gosh didn’t they have amazing adventures and such freedom too!!

My nearest city has secret (well old) passages underneath it, and I’d love to be able to go down there and explore. What an incredible and interesting experience that would be.


Is it just me, or do you too enjoy going on sites such as https://www.rightmove.co.uk/ and looking at different properties?

I love browsing on there and looking to see what’s available, and what the prices are doing? I seem to have medium size price wants, not the really expensive ones, I’ve no desire for a swimming pool, fancy bathrooms, outdoor hot tubs, or huge ponds.

Prices are going down by the looks of it at the moment, I’ve noticed a couple of properties have dropped £10,000 recently.

Please tell me though, what on earth is it that people love so much about gravel?

As a wheelchair user it’s not my friend anyway, but it’s so untidy it spreads everywhere if you’re not careful. I’d much rather have tarmac or a brick weave driveway. Brick weave would be my preferred option, but tarmac would probably be cheaper.

Solar panels are something I’d definitely opt for, especially as we now seem to be having heatwaves more often.

Lots of dog friendly open spaces would be a great selling point to me, and ideally within walking distance of the local shops, on a good bus route to places further away.

At least Covid was tidy.

I don’t want to, but feel I need to talk rubbish!

During the main Covid19 lockdowns in the UK I couldn’t help but notice something. People were suddenly so far more appreciative and caring of the countryside.

Far more people were out and about walking, running, cycling and wheeling around the local countryside roads than I’ve ever seen, before or since.

That was natural, everyone was bored of looking at the same 4 walls each day. So outdoors was the only option, places were closed and social distancing was the order of the time.

I noticed that despite the massive increase in people, and their dogs. The verges were so much cleaner and tidier, people were taking their rubbish home, or dropping it jn a bin on their way. They were also going out litter picking cleaning up after others who didn’t quite get the fact that looking after nature is our collective responsibility.

Sadly I am now noticing that the levels of rubbish, empty bottles, wrappers etc … are being dropped and left again. We really haven’t learnt have we.