Christmas is coming.

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Well it is rapidly approaching the Christmas season, along with all the festivities associated with it. This year will be very different to some, and I want to take this time to say, it’s the small things that count. Don’t feel you need to buy presents for everyone, cook the huge traditional Christmas meal, or spend any extra money that you can’t afford.

The best gift you can give anyone is your time, love, and attention. If you want to buy something, ask what they really want and if you can afford it get that. But honestly, people will understand if you can’t buy something, especially this year. Make a gift card or cheque giving them an evening’s worth of childcare, or promising to spend an afternoon helping with the garden, a picnic meal later in the year, 5 hours of dog walking for them in the year, or if they don’t drive, promise them you’ll be their chauffeur for a day.

The same applies to other celebrations throughout the year. Just let them know how much you care.


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