Just sat here.

I’m just sat here quietly, the dog is asleep and every now and again I look out of the window. The wind is starting to get up slightly, nothing too bad. There are some pigeons and doves flying over and around the roofs of the houses opposite. Just minding their own business and getting on with what they need to do. I think there must be about 20 of them in total. Otherwise it’s incredibly peaceful. No cars dashing about as it’s not rush hour, or school run time. Most of the dog walkers have been out by now, won’t be out again until much later on.

I might watch a Christmas film later, not sure what though, I will have to see what is available. I like something funny generally, Home Alone is good, or maybe something with a bit of magic and mystery in it, such as The Box of Delights. What would you choose, traditional like A Christmas Carol, Something funny such as Nativity, something magical, or a typical Christmas romance?


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