Where would I live if I could live anywhere?

Gosh, there’s loads of places I’d like to visit and stay for a while, but where would I like to live?
I know. I’d like to live about 10 miles from here, In a lovely area, just outside of the main town.
It has a great transport network, with several regular bus routes which run well into the evenings, unlike where I live currently. This means you can get into the nearest city for evening events, giving a much wider choice of entertainment and educational (adult education classes) opportunities.
There’s an amazing community spirit, and the neighbours all seem to come together to help each other. I have family there, and I already volunteer in the area, so know quite a few people already, one way or another. Although the area is more built up than where I am now, it has far more in the way of open spaces and dog walking options.
Also, there is more to do their socially, there is a cinema, theatre, leisure centre, bowling alley, gyms, a wide selection of clubs for a variety of interests, a bigger choice of shops.
You don’t always need to move hundreds of miles to have a better lifestyle, it could just be the other side of your village even.


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