My top three pet peeves.

We all have our pet peeves, things that really irritate us. Here are a few of mine.

1. One I have probably seems really silly, but what is it about holding your mobile phone flat in your hand in front of your mouth while chatting on it? You do realise how daft it looks don’t you. Why not just hold it to your ear in the traditional way?

2. People who feed their pets human junk food. It’s not good for us, but at least we understand that and know the health risks. By all means give them a bit of left over plain meat from your roast dinner, but why would you want to give them crisps, pretzels, cookies, kfc, chow mein etc….. ? If you want too treat them then sure, the occasional treat is fine, but at least choose something suitable for them.

3. Waiting for people who are regularly late, or who can’t stick to an arrangement and expect you to fit in with them each time. There is always that odd event that has to be changed, or plan that slides time wise. I’m talking about those who do this pretty much every time. I’m a planner and organiser type of person, if I say let’s met at a certain time/place I’ll be there unless there is a very good reason.


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