My mission is…..

My mission is……. well life is I believe made up of lots of individual targets, but overall my mission is to enjoy life, spend money sensibly but in a positive fun way too, and to try to leave the world a better place for the next generation.

I am hoping to have a PA soon, so this will enable me as a disabled person to live a better and more independent quality of life, allowing me to get stuff done around the house, but also to be more spontaneous and have time out enjoying my interests and spending time with friends and family.

Money needs to be used responsibly, but also to inject fun into live. I work on the principle that I could live another year, or another 30years, but saving every penny for later is great – but only if you live that long.

Absolutely 100% make sure you pay into a pension as soon as you possibly can, even if its only a small amount, it will gradually build up to give you that bit extra to retire on. But, at the same time don’t give yourself a miserable before retirement life in order to save for retirement – tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to us unfortunately.

Use money for good, don’t be a scrooge. Even if you don’t have much money you can be just as generous in other ways, donate your time, offer to share a skill for free, just sit an listen to someone who is lonely.

Neon lights in window, spelling out - Life is Now.

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