Quality Leadership.

I believe that to some extend leadership is something you are born with a natural ability to do, but can to some level be learnt too.

A true natural leader notices and respects everyone on their team, they care about them as individuals, but also as part of their team.

Leadership requires being able to listen, but also to give clear instructions and advice, you need to be aware of each person’s individual skills and talents and work out who can bring what to the table. Delegate tasks to the most suitable person, but not overwhelm them.

Make people feel appreciated and valued, not only for what they do, but for who they are as a person. Reward people making an effort, understand they have their own lives and be flexible where possible when needed.

Let people know that you notice what they are bring to the group, and praise the good. It doesn’t have to be a major thing even, tell them in person, send them a text or e-mail, or leave a note on their desk saying ‘well done for’, ‘thankyou for’ or ‘I was impressed by’..

Encourage others to ask for help when needed and support them – even if it’s connected to something else entirely, or point them in the direction of alternative routes of suitable support.

Encourage people to learn more if they want to improve their knowledge and skills, provide extra training, and support them with this, or ask another member of the team who is skilled in that particular area if they’d be willing to help.

If there is a problem within the group, help solve it or act as mediator, take appropriate action when required, but make sure it is just and fair, not based on prejudice.


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