Dogs & understanding.

If I could make my dog understand one thing. That would that be even though I am not sat right by him, or doing something with him right that very moment, I still love him and we’ll do something together soon.

I’ll bet some of you have energetic dogs like I have, and you take them for a good long walk, and they repay you by wanting to go straight outside to play when you get back.

Well, don’t those gorgeous eyes manage to make you feel guilty, even though you know you’ve been out a good hour or more.


3 thoughts on “Dogs & understanding.

      1. I like using things to help my dog use her brain. We play games like “go find it” and I teach her new tricks. Using her brain wears her out WAY more than taking her for a walk. After about 15 minutes of our games… She’s done and ready for a nice long nap ☺️🥰 she’s a service dog. She’s high energy because she’s a working dog but having property for her to run and play… That helps too! Especially on days when I’m not feeling well.

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