Wheelchair users and keeping warm.

How do you keep warm?

As a wheelchair user who cannot walk a single step, the main issue in the colder months is how to keep warm, yet mobile enough to not stop you doing what you can normally do.

Layers is most people’s answer, and to some extent I agree, but as soon as I wear thicker clothes, or add warmer layers my level of movement quickly starts to become more difficult meaning that I move less and end up getting even colder.

I have finally realised that I need to compromise and wear thinner, fewer layers when I need to do stuff such as tidying, or typing on the laptop, but when I can stay still then I swap them for one much thicker and warmer item of clothing over my days outfit. This is just for indoors!!

Going out with the dog I wear, a thing a bit like a zip up duvet which comes up fairly high on me, I also have an extra layer of a cardigan under my coat, a thermal hat, and keep my hood up on my coat. I can’t wear gloves as I can’t hold the lead if my hands are restricted in any way. Scarves I won’t risk them getting caught on anything.

Here’s a little glimpse of my dog enjoying the snow.


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