Caring Jobs.


Have you ever considered what it would be like to work as a Carer/PA? The truth is, everyone’s perception of this job is different. Some may assume that being a carer means doing everything for the client, but that’s not always the case. In reality, some clients only require a little extra help to complete tasks they can’t do alone.

Moreover, when you think of a client, do you automatically picture an elderly person? Think again. There are many people of working age and even children who require a PA to support them in living a fulfilling and independent life.

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Imagine being 28 years old and unable to meet a friend for lunch at a local cafĂ© because you lack the support to get ready and travel there. It’s a reality for many people who require a PA. Unfortunately, those who are lucky enough to find a PA have limited hours, which means prioritising basic needs over social time.

However, being a PA can be a fantastic experience if you work for someone you get along with. It can even provide you with opportunities you might not have had otherwise, such as paid travel, weekends away, and concerts you couldn’t have afforded.

If you come across a job opening for a Carer/PA, don’t dismiss it automatically. Instead, be curious and inquire more about what the job entails. Who knows, you might end up applying for the job and loving it.


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