Leisure pleasures

In my free time I enjoy walking the dog, going to the cinema, watching a good show at the theatre, and of course I love shopping.

I usually go to my local Vue cinema which has brilliant wheelchair access, and the staff willingly offer to help with doors, and carry snacks etc…. make sure I’m comfortably settled before leaving me to enjoy the film. Various films I’ve enjoyed include ‘the theory of everything’, ‘mamma mia’, ‘the book thief’ and ‘angel’s falling’.

At the theatre I’ve seen a variety of shows including ‘Evita’, ‘chitty chitty bang bang’, ‘Mamma Mia, ‘the nutcracker’, and pirates of penzance’.

I love shopping and window shopping, but though I love clothes I don’t enjoy clothes shopping as its difficult or impossible to try clothes on instore, and they tend to need altering for me if I get anything much fancier than a t-shirt. Also I seem to have an awful tendency to get to really like a brand or store for them to go and close down. I’ve done this to a couple of stores now.

I wonder what I’ll go and see next.

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