What gadgets do you use around the house to make life easier, and help you do things that you’d be unable to do without them?

Some gadgets are electrical, but others can be something much simpler such as a grabber. I use a grabber to reach stuff, and pick stuff off the floor, it’s also good for pushing the bottom of curtains out of the way or opening/shutting windows.

Another gadget I use is my Tassimo Joy, which means I can make a hot drink safely without having to pour a kettle, or saucepan full of hot liquid as I can use it to make cuppa soups, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, hot blackcurrant, and ovaltine.

My mobile phone is something I use a lot too, it helps me keep in contact with people, organise my life, exchange emails with companies, and various other tasks as well as writing this blog.

I also have the option of using my voice to type this blog, but I only do that if its quiet as I’d end up having to correct it more often.

One of those little tasks that I don’t have to do often, but really struggle with is sharpening pencils, for this I purchased an electronic pencil sharpener. It can either be run via a USB socket, or by battery.


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