Changing Places, Norwich.

I had to go to Norwich (UK) yesterday, and by chance discovered that Chantry Place shopping centre has a changing places loo. It’s on the dining terrace level, and requires a radar key to access it.

It was later in the day, and the centre was quiet so I decided to pop and take some photos so people might be aware of it, and the facilities provided in there.

There’s a bench for changing, or if you need time out of a chair to stretch for a short time etc…. a hoist, bars by the loo, a height adjustable sink with controller to the taps/plug/light for mirror above the sink, there’s also two hand dryers one’s lower down with a fun themed picture on it. Also there is a screen which is movable if required.

Room to transfer from either side of the loo, though you may need to move that yellow bin, I’m not certain about that. The red cord was hanging down to almost floor length, and hadn’t been tied up like so many are.


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