Well the day started off with a pissing wet walk, 3 1/2 miles with the dog. One of us enjoyed it, guess which one, no not me.

Got back and had a cuppa to warm up again. Then got a few bits tidied away before pizza for lunch, in case you’re wondering it was pepperoni.

The next-door neighbour popped in briefly, much to the dog’s delight. The neighbours are lovely and always make a fuss of him.

Had a browse online of my social media accounts, e-mails etc…. now gotta sit down and do some quite frankly boring paperwork, but……. it’s in a good cause so will be worth the time spent doing it, yes I am finally going to be employing a P.A. (Personal Assistant) which is going to make life so much easier and allow for some spontaneity in my life and enable me to see friends and family more often hopefully as they’ll be driving my car as well as helping with other tasks that I need help to complete.

Well, have a absolutely fabulous afternoon while I spend a few hours doing the paperwork.

A box full of paperwork.


  1. HeelBoyHeel says:

    It’s a pain, but the paperwork has to be done! Even if you didn’t enjoy the walk in rain, the dog definitely will have 😊


    1. Hi. I know it’ll be worth it in the long run – that’s what motivates me to do it. Yes he definitely did enjoy the walk. 😊


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