My go to movies.

I don’t know about you, but I have a few movies then I watch again and again if I want something relaxing and easy to watch.

These just feel like familiar friends, I know them well enough to enjoy, but don’t have to concentrate much on.

‘Home Alone’ has to be on list daft and funny and a child alone pitted against two rather stupid criminals. Add in the Christmas Factor, and you have a winner.

‘She’s The Man’ Teenage girl wants to play on the football team but they won’t allow girls on it so what can she do? The only thing you can do, pretend to be her twin brother. This is very funny they both are caught in all sorts of awkward predicaments along the way.

‘Mamma Mia’ This is quite emotional in places, but also funny. I love the Abba songs too. I prefer the original film to the sequel, but both are good.

‘Richie Rich’ The boy who has everything he could desire, except true friends. No friends, but he does have enemies.

‘Legally Blonde’ starring Reece Witherspoon. This is absolutely hilarious the first time you watch it, and continues to make me laugh even now. Teen who is all about popularity and fashion decides to fo study law, but no one believes this is ever going to happen – she just won’t get the grades required, or will she?


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