Politics and me.

How have your political views changed over time?

I don’t believe that my political views have changed, I’ve always believed that the government’s should do what’s right for the people of the country – the ordinary everyday person, and that any wealth should be treated with generosity and respect for being lucky enough to have it.

I believe what goes around comes around. If you are kind and giving to others, then you’ll be remembered fondly and help will come to you in your time of need.

Personally I think politician’s should get a good wage, as they hold a lot of responsibility but….. equally I feel they shouldn’t be able to make money from their position, no subsidised stuff, freebies, payment for talks or swaying bills etc….

If they want a second job, then it should be one that benefits the country – if they want to volunteer part-time, or work for the NHS or be a retained fire fighter, then fine. But it must always come second place to their responsibility and commitment to the country.

Also, I vermently feel that they should have knowledge and experience in the area of which they are expected to help and guide the country. So the Education Secretary needs knowledge and expertise of that area, likewise the person responsible for Health and Social Care – they need a working knowledge and understanding of the needs in that area.

Please make sure you have acceptable voter ID for the up coming elections. The list accepted depends on your age etc…. so double check, and put in a request for voter ID if you don’t already have an accepted proof of ID. Thankyou

A hand holding a green card saying “vote” in white writing.


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