Pret A Manger

So,it sounds as if Pret A Manger are going to stop doing smoothies, frappes and milkshakes.

Apparently this is related to the cost in produce, and time required in making them. They’ll concentrate on iced drinks instead.

I love a good milkshake, but have to admit I’m not a smoothie fan, nor do I drink coffee at all.

Two glaases of milkshake in a metal holder, one looks like vanilla flavour, and the other is probably raspberry.


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  1. This story by the BBC came about after the journalist Mike Powell asked me for help fter I helped him already in 2021 on his other report about Pret’s subscription. In 2021 the editor mentioned my blog, not this time. But I follow Pret’s subscription/iced drinks issue since a while like other issues via
    Pret did a quick sneaky move here, they had increasing complaints AGAIN lately. And since BBC & ASA got involved in 2021, they try not to get in trouble again & quickly changed the menu!

    BBC 2021: Pret customers complain over drink subscription deal



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