Random stuff about me.

I love most music, but dislike opera.

Any pasta is acceptable, I adore pasta, but twisted pasta is my favourite shape.

I think salad cream is delicious, but cannot stand mayonnaise.

My favourite flowers are roses, and hydrangeas. I dislike the smell of daffodils.

My lounge is grey with coloured accessories

My favourite ways to keep contact are in person, or via WhatsApp, social media, or email. I don’t often make phone calls.

Chocolate or crisps? I’ll take the crisps please. I do like both, just rarely opt for chocolate.

I love to sing, but cannot carry a tune – sorry everyone. 🤣

I got my first powerchair at the age of 3.

I can’t draw for toffee, but did G.C.S.E Photography.


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