Words are powerful!

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?


The words we use are one of the most powerful tools we possess, along with our body language (the unspoken word), and our actions. For this reason, I wouldn’t ban any specific words, they are how we represent ourselves and express ourselves.

Words should always be used with care and consideration, and respect towards the listners, how will what is about to come out of our mouth, make that person feel? Are we explaining things clearly and precisely with due care, or are we just mouthing of with no desire to stop and think first?

They way we speak to someone is one of the first clues as to what kind of person we are. Do you want to be recognised for who you are, or are you just trying to fit in with the ‘trend’ at the time and not stand out from your peers as the amazing and incredible individual that you are? Speak out, speak clearly and from your own heart, express how you feel.

Speech bubble saying ‘ZAP’.

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