I like being me.

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why?

They always time but they look around and think we would like to be someone else, but would be really if it came to it?

I know my life’s not perfect and I’m not perfect. Is anyone’s life perfect? I really don’t think so.

We all have stuff going on in the background, just think of those news stories where family secrets are revealed. The neighbours having been totally unaware of a situation behind closed doors.

If I Could Be Me but just a richer version of me. I don’t want to stupid amount of money just enough to live comfortably and securely in the knowledge that I can do the day today stop that I want and need to do without money becoming an issue.

Is wouldn’t change me as a person I don’t believe, but it would make life easier & less complicated.

I would still be that same person, the one with a rubbish sense of direction, who apologises to the birds when I disturb them, dislike cold/wet weather, and be rubbish at writing letters.


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