I was chatting with someone this morning.

This morning I was chatting with a fellow dog walker this morning, and we were opposite sides of the road with our respective dog.

Now I’m deaf, and struggle with conversation in this sort of situation, but we wanted to give the dogs their own space whilst we chatted, so I carried on chatting with him occasionally having to repeat bits.

Then it occurred to me, wouldn’t it be amazing if my glasses had the capability to turn other people’s speech automatically into subtitles – I’ll bet this technology already exists (at a price!), and as someone who is deaf and already wears glasses, this would be a fantastic addition to them.

Obviously I wouldn’t want subtitles to be actively on all the time, but if there was a little button on the arm of the glasses so you could switch the option on/off as required I’d love it!!

A pair of glasses folded, sat on a wood effect table top.

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