Netflix, and a few others.

Ok, so I thought I’d give you my opinion on a couple of the most commonly used streaming services for watching TV/Films. At the end of that, I have also added a query of my own about another service.

Tv remote being pointed at a TV which has NETFLIX written on the screen in orange capital letters.

Netflix. Netflix has a reasonable selection of TV programmes and films, and would be my favourite of these three if they had a bigger selection. My major reason for loving Netflix so much is that I’d say that pretty much everything on there has subtitles included. However I have noticed recently that there are more foreign films on there and I use sound and subtitles in combination, and just using subtitles for 100% is quite hard work, I think personally – but that is my own personal opinion. I use the budget version of Netflix, so it does mean that adverts interrupt occasionally, but hey, I grew up with advert breaks for basically every programme unless I was watching BBC, so really it’s not that big of a deal. I have found there are some things you can’t watch on the budget version, but if you really wanted to you could just upgrade for a month to watch those and then swap back down again.

Amazon Prime Video. I have Amazon Prime for the delivery service mainly, but as the Prime Video is included it seems only sensible to take advantage of this as well. My biggest gripe with this is the lack of subtitles being included on lot of stuff. They have a massive range of stuff to watch, but I always have to check first as to whether what I want to watch has subtitles on it. I watch the free stuff 99% of the time but will keep an eye on the special offers and buy the occassional film when it’s on offer. Personally I think buying v renting is a better deal as mostly there isn’t a huge difference in cost.


Now TV. In some ways this has a younger/fresher feel to me, I think that’s just the way it is laid out and presents when you look at it. I like the fact that different types of packages are priced separately, so you only pay for the type of stuff you are going to watch. Again I think most things on here have subtitles included.


ITVX. Ok, so yesterday I was looking at this, I haven’t used this service before and wondered if anyone has and what they think of it. I know it is free, but see there is also a ‘premium’ service too. I spotted a series that I’d like to watch on there, but it is on the premium section only. Is ITVX worth paying the extra for in general, is there a huge amount of extra content available if you do?


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