Today so far.

Well today has been a bit of a paperwork/dog walking/laptop task day.

First of all it was a cuppa and get out with the dog, we had a 5 mile walk this morning – no, he still had plenty of energy afterwards. This was followed by a hot chocolate for me.

Once this was all done, it was time to read through a pile of paperwork and check it all made sense, then on to the laptop to get a few bits done.

One important task done on the laptop was to find the best deal I could for the cat food, fussy cat so kinda stuck with Sheba in Jelly. Did a search, and then browsed a few sites, ended up finding it cheapest to bulk buy it on wasn’t cheap exactly, but buying in bulk worked out cheaper in the long run than the supermarkets, or Amazon – their cheapest option of it wouldn’t deliver here.

Now it is time for a late lunch, of chicken noodles. Naughty but nice.


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