Oscar Worthy.

Ok, so it’s The Oscars tonight!!

Movie film style projector. Image in black & white.

In the UK, it will start at midnight just as Sunday becomes Monday. I wonder how many people will be taking a ‘sick day’, or have already booked the day off in advance.


The awards are scheduled to be handed out over three hours – but the ceremony runs late most years, often by at least 30 mins.

Will you be watching, who would you like to see getting a prize?

One thing we do know is that Will Smith won’t be making an appearance, as he has been banned from the event for 10 years.


Rihanna will take to the Academy Awards stage and be performing ‘Lift Me Up’ (from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever), which is nominated for best original song.

Lady Gaga is not officially named as performing despite her song Hold My Hand (from Top Gun: Maverick) being the 5th nominee in the category. She is attending the ceremony though, so fans hope she might yet spring a surprise performance.

The top 3 contendents seem to be

Everything Everywhere All At Once, All Quiet on the Western Front, & The Banshees of Inisherin.


British viewers can watch the Oscars on Freeview & Freesat. It will also be available on streaming service Now (formerly Now TV).

Let’s hope there are no fights this year, as it’s a unwelcome distraction from the amazing event, but also because they’ve changed the red carpet to a champagne coloured one this year. Imagine the problems there would be of cleaning it if blood got spilt.


Whatever results you’re hoping to witness tonight, I hope you’ll enjoy the Award Ceremony.


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