Sensational Shopping.

Where would you go on a shopping spree?

If I had lots of money to go on a shopping spree, then this is what I would do. First of all I’d be thrilled and amazed, then I’d be heading outta the house and to the shops.


New clothes definitely on the agenda. I’m not sure where you’d shop, but personally I love Bonmarche’ . They have a really good selection in a range of sizes (sizes 10-28 I think) and styles, and the products are priced sensibly and are of good quality, on top of this, their staff are always welcoming, friendly and willing to help. This makes them my favourite clothes shop, and is where almost all my clothes come from.

If you haven’t considered shopping here, then why not have a peek.


After this I would go and have a light lunch at a cafe, something simple such as a sandwich and crisps, and a cuppa tea.

Now it’s time to get back in the car and head to the garden centre where I’d probably end up spending a small (or not so small) fortune on plants, pots, and raised planters, if there was any money left after that then I’d also purchase a small shelving type of greenhouse ready for seeds to be grown in, and to protect some of my plants over the winter.


I would absolutely buy some patio fruit trees, and also a peach coloured rose – but one with a delicious scent, I do feel that a rose should smell gorgeous.

Now it would be time to head back, and exausted after all that shopping, I’d order a takeaway meal, almost certainly a pasta dish, with cheesy garlic bread on the side.


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