Time to get mad, not sad.

TIME TO GET MAD NOT SAD Calling all Social Care users and advocates for users Enough is way too much Join the National Campaign #scrapcarecharges


Did you know that over 60,000 disabled people in the last 12-months have been in social care debt!

This is why we need a fully funded social care system paid for by taxation free at the point of need.

Social care, unlike health care, is not free for everyone and most people will need to pay something towards the cost of their care and support. The local authority will  assess your finances & decide what you can afford.

When your LA provides care and support, it might charge you for this if it decides that you have the money to contribute towards the cost of your services. They should however take into account DRE (Disability Related Expenses) such as you having a higher than average electric bill due due to needing to charge equipment, or having an extra fridge for medication. You can write a list of things you believe should be taken into account, but they might not accept them all.


Surely we can fully funded social care system paid for by taxation free at the point of need. Think of all those big companies that don’t pay full UK tax. I’d imagine if that money was taken back by the government, that it would make a big dent in the costs of funding Free Social Care For All.


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