Superstitious or otherwise.

Are you superstitious?

Superstitions are funny things, some people believe in them and some people don’t. I think some people just take part in them, not because they believe in them, but because they think, well why take risk. I’ll avoid it just in case!

Black cat sat in a plant pot. Photo by Katarzyna Modrzejewska on

I believe in many things that can’t be proved by science, but as far as superstitions go, I’m more of a realest I might use the phrases but I don’t really believe in them as such.

Some superstitions of course are just common sense for example, why walk under a ladder? You could easily knock it over by accident sending the poor person at the top flying, or knocking off that pot of paint off the ladder sending it all over your head.


Black cats don’t actually seem that much different to any other cat, they all do pretty much what they want!

If you are superstitious I will respect that, but just don’t expect me to get worried about it too.


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