I do too much.

What could you do less of?


What do I do too much of, and need to do less of? The answer to that has to be worrying, I worry about stuff and turn it round and around in my head coming up with all the awful results that could happen if I do or say something, and then put it off instead.

That of course means things do go wrong, I need to just learn to be brave and do or say what I want/am thinking, and then apologise if necessary.

I am an introvert which doesn’t help, as it’s my natural instinct to keep things to myself. I know I write this blog, but otherwise I am actually an incredibly private person, so I tend not to share my worries.


One thought on “I do too much.

  1. Yes, yes, yes. Worrying makes me procrastinate, too! I keep telling myself “Just DO it!” but then the what-ifs start. What if this, what if that. “Better wait – maybe I won’t need to do the thing if I wait long enough!”

    Thank you for posting this!

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