Childhood cartoons

What’s your favorite cartoon?

Ah, He-Man and Dungeons and Dragons – the quintessential childhood cartoons that sent us on wild adventures and fuelled our imaginations! He-Man with his rippling muscles and Prince Adam alter ego, defending Eternia against Skeletor’s evil plans. Who didn’t want to be a hero like him? And then there was Dungeons and Dragons, a show that made us believe we too could journey into an alternate magical realm full of villains and heroic quests. It’s time travel multiplied by infinity!


These classics had themes all over the place – courage in battle, teamwork in the face of adversity; inspire us to stand up for what we believe is right, champion those weaker than ourselves. The art style managed to capture our attention so well as they juxtaposed well with each other. Both shows still entertain today proving their enduring legacy among old-school cartoon lovers like myself.


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