Education Matters.

What’s the hardest decision you’ve ever had to make? Why?

We all know that a good solid education is incredibly important. What you learn in your childhood and teens is the basis on which you start building the rest of your life.

We all understand the significance of receiving a quality education. The knowledge and skills acquired during childhood and adolescence serve as the foundation for the rest of our lives.

As someone who was born with a disability, I have had the opportunity to attend both mainstream and specialized schools. One of the most significant decisions I made as a child was to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each educational setting. I had to choose between a mainstream school, which caters to a diverse student population, and a specialized school that focuses on teaching and supporting students with disabilities.


As I approached high school age, I realized that the decision I was about to make would have a significant impact on my education and social life. It was a crucial moment that required careful consideration. Not only would it affect my academic performance and any future exams, but it would also shape my social interactions and experiences. Therefore, I knew that I needed to weigh my options carefully and make an informed decision that would set me on the right path towards success.

As a student, I heavily relied on the use of a computer to complete the majority of my school work. However, for certain tasks, I required physical assistance from a classroom assistant. It quickly became apparent that attending a mainstream school would result in me standing out from my peers by having my own helper. In order to avoid this, I made the decision to seek out a school that could meet my needs seamlessly, allowing me to be on equal footing with my classmates.


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