Facing the Unexpected.

Wow, today did not go as planned! Let me tell you what happened…

I went out in my powerchair like I usually do, and the weather was pretty good for this time of year. I was cruising along, enjoying my day, when suddenly I heard a teenager say, “Your chair is smoking!” I thought he was joking, but he insisted that one of the motors was smoking.


After a short conversation, the motor stopped smoking, but it was still really warm. I decided to switch to a different chair when I got back, and let the other one cool down. Later, we tested it again and found that the motor on one side was still warmer than the other, but there was no smoke this time.

Looks like I’ll have to call the repair company tomorrow. Being a wheelchair user is never boring!

Smoke trail in blue. Photo by Tetyana Kovyrina on Pexels.com

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