Max wants a frisbee.

Once upon a time, there was a collie named Max who loved nothing more than chasing after balls. He would spend hours running after them, catching them in his mouth, and bringing them back to his owner. But one day, while playing in the park, Max saw something that caught his eye – a frisbee.


Max had never seen a frisbee before, but he knew he had to have one. He watched as other dogs chased after the flying disc, leaping and bounding through the air. Max longed to join in the fun, but he knew he couldn’t do it with a ball.

So, Max set out on a mission to find a frisbee of his own. He searched high and low, sniffing out every toy store and pet shop in town. But no matter where he looked, he couldn’t find a frisbee that was just right.

Finally, after weeks of searching, Max stumbled upon a frisbee lying in a field. It was old and worn, but Max didn’t care. He picked it up in his mouth and ran back to his owner, eager to show off his new toy.

From that day on, Max was the happiest dog in the park. He would chase after his beloved frisbee, leaping and bounding through the air with joy. And though he still loved his balls, Max knew that nothing could compare to the thrill of chasing after a frisbee.

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Collie chasing after a red frisbee. Photo by Brixiv on

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