How to use a stamping platform.

Giraffe image stamped in black on white card. The card is on my stamping platform held down with magnets - one magnet is broken as I ran it over with my chair, whoops!!
You’ll notice one magnet is broken. I ran it over with my wheelchair, whoops! But, it still works brilliantly as you can see by the resulting stamped image.

First, place your stamp on the platform and ink it up thoroughly. Then, align your paper or cardstock on the platform where you want the image to appear. Lower the lid onto the paper with a bit of pressure to ensure that the entire stamp is making contact with the paper. Lift up the lid slowly and marvel at your perfectly stamped image! The beauty of a stamping platform is that if you didn’t get a fully stamped image, you can simply re-ink and restamp in exactly the same spot without having to worry about misalignment. Another useful tip is to use a small amount of washi tape or sticky notes to hold your paper in place while you’re stamping. With these simple steps, even beginner crafters can achieve crisp and clean stamped images every time!

Stamping platforms can vary a bit, the one I use is great as it holds the paper/card very still using magnets. My stamping has improved so much since I bought it, and I waste far less card/paper now as the images come out really well, even if I have to re-stamp them. This is the one I have and would personally recommend


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