The Wizard & His Eggs.

An ancient wizard, who had mysteriously lost all of his magical abilities, embarked on a journey to explore the world by boat. Unfortunately, his boat eventually crashed onto the edge of an island, leaving him stranded with nothing but a useless wand and a trunk of chocolate eggs.

I wonder if they were like any of these

drawing of two eggs, decorated with  stars and swirly patterns.

Despite his unfortunate circumstances, the wizard remained determined to make the most of his situation. He began to explore the island, using his knowledge of nature and survival skills to make a life for himself. He discovered new plants and animals, and even found a way to use his wand to create fire.

As time passed, the wizard became known to the island’s inhabitants as a wise and respected figure. He shared his knowledge and skills with them, and they in turn taught him about their culture and way of life.


Eventually, the wizard’s magical abilities began to return, and he was able to use them to help the island’s inhabitants in ways they never thought possible. He became a hero to them, and they honoured him with a grand celebration.

The wizard realized that his journey had led him to a new home, and he decided to stay on the island and continue to explore its wonders. He knew that he had found something truly magical – a place where he could use his abilities to make a difference in the lives of others.

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