A secret ability

What’s a secret skill or ability you have or wish you had?


A secret ability that I’d like to have, would be to be able to instantly transport myself to where I want instantly. This would make an incredible difference to my life. No more relying on others to drive me, or worrying about issues with public transport, or stairs, etc….. I’d just instantly get to where I wanted to go.

I mean, just imagine how much battery using I’d save on my wheelchair! I’d have plenty of it for pottering about the house, walking the dog, and exploring new places once I have teleported to my desired location.

No more worries if I forget to take something with me. I can just zip zap back and get it quickly.

It wouldn’t matter if I wanted to go somewhere hours away, I’d just pop there for the day and no long journey. No hanging around waiting for the next bus or train, no ‘standing’ out in the rain.

No accessible loo? I’d just teleport to where I knew there was one available. Obviously I wouldn’t teleport right into the cubicle, if someone was already in there I wouldn’t know quite what to do!!

Yes, I could have wished for the ability to walk, but hey, this sounds much more exciting after all.


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