Thriving in the Digital Age: The Benefits of Positive Technology Engagement

Daily writing prompt
How has technology changed your job?

I volunteer, and this involves helping at a group for those with dementia, and other memory issues. We use all sorts of things to help bring memories to life, and as props when we reminisce.


One big thing that makes a difference is being able to add the modern technology available, alongside day to day items such as newspapers, magazines, board games, exercises, and singing etc….

An example of a piece of technology we use for group interaction is what’s known as ‘the magic table’. Think of a giant screen which is interactive like a touchscreen tablet would be, but it’s actually images projected onto a table top, or the floor. The Magic table has all sorts of different activities, from playing football, adding splashes of colour to a blank canvas (the table top), and also other interactive puzzles and games. These are aimed at different levels of ability and concentration.

The Magic Table is a versatile tool that can be utilised both individually and in group settings. Its unique design promotes social interaction, encourages physical movement, and fosters moments of joy and happiness. The Magic Table is an excellent resource for enhancing overall well-being and quality of life.

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