What Makes Us Giggle, Chuckle, and Snort?

What makes you laugh?


Well, isn’t it just fascinating how unique we all are? No two people are exactly alike, and that extends to what we find funny. Some people like slapstick humour, others prefer sarcasm or wordplay. What might make one person burst into laughter might leave another unamused or even offended. It’s all about our individual perspectives and experiences. Our sense of humour is shaped by everything from our family and cultural background to the TV shows and movies we enjoy. So don’t worry if you don’t laugh at the same things as your friends – it’s perfectly normal and just a part of what makes us who we are!

Two women laughing.
Photo by Elle Hughes on Pexels.com

I personally find a variety of things funny, I’m not really one for stand up comedy, but Rosie Jones is an exception to that rule, she really is quite funny. Crudeness for the sake of it I do not find funny, but something where a little wordplay comes into it naturally can be quite amusing. Other things that make me laugh, the funny sayings kids come out with, watching silly animal videos, rom-com movies with quick comments rather than slapstick humour.

What kind of things tickle your funny bone?


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