The Art of Thrifty Theatre: Tips and Tricks for Budget-Conscious Playgoers

Going to the theatre can be really expensive, which means lots of people who would thoroughly enjoy seeing a show and would gain from this can’t afford to do so. Personally I believe everyone should be able to have this experience and it shouldn’t be a privilege only for the rich.

empty theatre auditorium
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There are ways to get cheaper tickets, one way is to be more flexible on when you see the show, you may find certain days/times are cheaper.


Group bookings can net you a discount, so why not see if you can get a group of your friends, family, and or colleagues to join in.

Go to the box office and book in person, sometimes this can cost less, or use discount websites online.

Enquire about preview tickets, these are for before the show officially opens to the public.

Some theatres do a ‘pay what you can’ performance, so keep your eye out for those.

There is loads of info on subject of cheaper Theatre tickets on Money Saving Expert. I’ll add the website here, so you can look further into this. I hope you find some great deals, and have an amazing time at the theatre.


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