Working for free, would you do it?

What job would I do for free, well that’s called volunteering isn’t it? I already do a voluntary job, and this is helping adults, most of whom have dementia or another memory issue. I go in and chat with them and help with games and other activities aimed to stimulate and interest. We talk about lots of different things, such as what they’ve been up to, what their life was like when they were children, how the world has changed, their garden or pets. Anything goes really.

Honestly, I really enjoy doing this and gain a lot from it, but for any other job I’d like to be paid thankyou very much. Jobs I’d love to do would be.


  • Wheelchair tester and reviewer.
  • Blogger.
  • Growing seeds – horticulture basic level type job.
  • Taste tester for crisps or chocolate.
  • Access advisor for shops, businesses, and public transport.
  • Secret shopper.
  • Hotel tester/reviewer.

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