Twinkle and wink.

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Once upon a time, there was a star that loved to wink. Every night, it would twinkle and shine, but it was the winking that made it stand out from all the other stars in the sky. The other stars would often tease it, saying that it was too flashy and attention-seeking. But the star didn’t care. It loved to wink, and it wasn’t going to stop just because others didn’t like it.

One day, the star met a comet who was passing by. The comet was amazed by the star’s winking and asked why it did it. The star replied, “I wink because it makes me happy. It’s my way of expressing myself.” The comet was impressed and said, “I wish I could express myself like that.”


The star and the comet became fast friends and would often travel together through the galaxy. The star would wink and the comet would leave a trail of glittering dust behind it. They were quite the pair, and many other stars and planets would stop to watch them as they passed by.

One night, as they were traveling through a particularly dark and lonely part of the galaxy, the star noticed that the comet was feeling sad. “What’s wrong?” asked the star. The comet replied, “I feel like I don’t belong anywhere. I’m just a lonely traveller, and no one really notices me.”

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The star thought for a moment and then said, “You know what? You may be a lonely traveller, but you’re also unique and special. Just like my winking, your glittering trail is your way of expressing yourself. Embrace it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

The comet smiled and thanked the star for its wise words. From that day on, the comet travelled with a newfound confidence, leaving a trail of glittering dust behind it wherever it went. And the star continued to wink, happy in the knowledge that it had helped a friend find its own way to shine.

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