Why oh why is packaging so awkward..

Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com

Why oh why is packaging so awkward to undo,
It’s like a puzzle that we must construe,
The plastic wrap is stubborn and tight,
And opening it fills us with fright.

The cardboard seems to be glued in place,
Making us struggle and strain with our face,
We grab scissors and knives to cut through,
But end up with wounds and bruises anew.

Why can’t they make it simple and easy,
Opening it without feeling queasy,
It’s as if the packaging is playing a game,
To see how long it can cause us such a shame.


So next time we buy a package with care,
We’ll hope and pray it’s easy to tear,
If not, we’ll take a deep breath and sigh,
And remember that packaging will always make us wonder why.

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