Hey you, yes you reading this now


Hey you, yes you reading this now
Have you got your voter ID, don’t have a cow
It’s vital to exercise your right to vote
So don’t leave it until the last hour, it’s all afloat

No matter your age, your colour or gender
Your voice needs to be heard, no need to surrender
Use it wisely, for the future lies ahead
Don’t be swayed by the rumours or things that are said

It’s your chance to make a real difference
So don’t let it slip, with any indifference
Your vote matters, don’t let it go to waste
Without it, there’s no voice, no future, just a disgrace

Photo by Flu00e1vio Santos on Pexels.com

So go out, make your mark and have your say
With your voter ID, you can help shape the day
It’s a duty, we all should take with pride
For without it, our futures all collide.




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