When did you last….


It’s been ages since I picked up a pen and scribbled out a letter, letting the ink bleed onto the page as I expressed my deepest thoughts and feelings. I used to love this ritual of putting my words down in longhand, savouring each stroke of the pen as it formed each letter with care. But now, in this digital age where typing has overtaken handwriting in terms of speed and convenience, it seems like such a foreign concept to take the time to craft something by hand. Perhaps it’s time to return to this lost art, to revive that sense of intimacy and personal touch that comes from receiving a handwritten note. The question lingers in my mind – when did I last write a letter? The answer is uncertain.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I must admit I do love to receive letters through the mail, there’s something so special and tangible about holding and reading a letter, especially handwritten ones.

Do you still write letters by hand and send them in the mail?


3 thoughts on “When did you last….

    1. That description made me laugh out loud. I always have good intentions to write letters, but have to admit I prefer sending emails or WhatsApp/messenger messages. Though I love receiving letters, so I really should write them myself as well, then others would get a surprise in the post.

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