How do you use social media?

How do you use social media? I wonder what you use it for. This is how I use it.


Social media is how I keep in contact with friends, family, the local community, and colleagues where I volunteer. Social networking online (as well as offline) allows you to connect with people from further afield and finding those who share your same interests and knowledge, this allows you to build up a wider range of people to help, and who can help you.

As well as keeping in touch with people I know, using social media enables me to keep up to date with local events and news which I may not know about otherwise, as people and businesses post about these in groups, or as posts/events on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. There are many more Social Media websites and apps, but these are the ones I myself am most familiar.

Phone screen showing the icon for instagram.
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One other thing I use these sites as a social media marketing strategy for sharing my blog posts to a wider audience. I don’t do this on all the Social media sites mentioned earlier on, but I certainly do on several of them. Social media platforms are a great way to share snippets of information whilst providing a link to the full article elsewhere.

Be aware that anything you put online, stays online, so decide your limits in advance and stick with them. Don’t get keyboard happy and say things that you’d regret later, and wouldn’t normally say face to face. Also think carefully about any other information and photos you put online. The laws still apply online.


2 thoughts on “How do you use social media?

  1. I had Facebook and Twitter, and deleted both, years ago. I never missed it. I listen to podcasts that I am interested in on Youtube and Rumble. And read a lot on WordPress:-)


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