The Unexpected Visitor.


There came a knock upon my door
But none of my friends had come before
When I opened it up, to my surprise
There was a crow, with shining eyes!

It perched upon my windowsill
Its voice so loud, it made me thrill
“Can I come in?” the crow did ask
As I stared back, fulfilling its task

I nodded my head, in disbelief
And found myself in utter relief
The crow flapped its wings, and came inside
And to my surprise, it didn’t hide

On the table it sat, without a care
Feeding on crumbs, without any fare
And when it saw, I was watching it there
It looked at me, without any scare

It cawed and croaked, then flew away
But it had made my heart’s day
For I’ll never forget, that curious crow
That came knocking on my door, you know!


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