Netflix & password sharing.


Netflix has announced that it plans to introduce paid sharing across its major markets, including the US, by July. This move comes after the company received feedback from its users, which it has taken into consideration to ensure that the offering is user-friendly. One of the changes made is to ensure that users can easily access their accounts while away from their main residence, even when travelling for work or pleasure.

While the company has not confirmed when UK users can expect to see these changes, it has stated that the vast majority of its big markets will be included in the next phase of the rollout – therefore I personally think the UK will be impacted as well. Netflix estimates that over 100 million households share passwords which is directly in violation of its official terms. 

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By introducing paid sharing (I don’t know how much this is likely to be, not that much I’d think, due to wanting to keep customers), Netflix hopes to increase its revenue while also ensuring that its users have a seamless experience. This move is part of the company’s strategy to stay ahead of its competitors and maintain its position as the leading streaming service.

The wave of other streaming services means that Netflix is having to battle evermore to keep ahead of the rest, and not lose customers to their competition.


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