Amazing News.

Exiting stuff!!

If I received some unexpected amazing news then first I’d check it was actually definitely true. Then I’d tell my Mum.

After that depending upon what the exiting news was, I’d probably celebrate in the typical British way – with a cuppa, while I digested the news and decided what to do next.

If it was news of a new family member being due, then I’d keep quiet until the parents announced it officially.

If it was a big win on the lottery, I’d be straight on to and booking viewings to see some possible properties.



Home of my dreams.

I have already mentioned in a previous blog post that I would love to have my own place. A bungalow.

My dream home would be a three bedroom bungalow with a generous sized enclosed garden, and a double garage connected to the bungalow.

This would allow me to have room for friends & family to stay over. Also I’d turn the garage into a couple of smaller rooms, one of which would be a craft room, space for all my creative chaos to reign in.

The garden would mainly be lawn and a patio area, but I’d also love a greenhouse. I do container gardening as this is more accessible for me as a wheelchair user.

Bonus points if there’s a conservatory, I’d absolutely love it if there was. But actually, just a bungalow (with a garden for the dog to enjoy) to call my own would be absolutely amazing, the other things would be delightful added extras.

Golden yellow flowers with a butterfly hovering above.


I have just read that the deliciousness that is Lilt, is to be no longer – well, not under that name anyway.

Apparently it will now be replaced with Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit. To be honest I’m not sure how I feel about this. I didn’t drink Lilt that often, but it’s a familiar thing from my childhood disappearing.

I always regarded it as a Summertime drink with it’s delicate flavour, and refreshing it tasted.

Bye bye old friend.

Google Maps shows now wheelchair accessible locations — Syrus

Sadly, people started building roads, factories, houses, buildings, and factories without considering that not everyone moves as easily. For whatever reason, many people around the world rely on a tool like a wheelchair to get around on a daily basis.The fact that the world wasn’t made for these people is a problem that they have […]

Google Maps shows now wheelchair accessible locations — Syrus

Getting about.

My favourite form of transport happens to be in my favourite city to visit. It is the Dublin tram (Luas) . Luas is the Irish word for speed. There are two tram lines, one is red and the other is green.

The tram network is incredibly accessible and wheelchair friendly. I was able to use the trams independently apart from needing help initially to purchase a ticket, and there may well have been a way to do this online – which would have got round the fact I couldn’t reach well enough to use the ticket machines.

The trams and the platform allow a level entry, with no ramp required and no gap to worry about. They stop at the places people need to go, such as the hospital, and museums.

All the announcements are made in English and Irish, so by the end a week I was able to recognise all the stop names, and knew the order in which they went.

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Craft shopping.

Just had a browse on Chloe’s craft site, and yes a naughty but stunning stamp and die set jumped into my basket and checked out before I could stop it.

Now gotta be patient for it to arrive before I can have a play, but I’ll pop a card up once I have used it so you can have a peek.

If you’re curious and want to see what I bought, then here’s a link.

Temporarily not #disabled

This is so true!!

Through My Eyes

I’m going to start with a quote that I’m pretty sure will make some of you very uncomfortable.

“Do you currently have a disability? If not, do you realize that you almost certainly will have one before you die?” @StephenBedard10

I’m sorry if this is the first time you are hearing this but our earthly bodies get old and break… So if you are blessed with a long life it almost guarantees you will become disabled.

Blindness, hearing loss, mobility impairment and issues with memory and cognition are all really common as we age.

Whilst medicine improves all the time there is only so much it can do.

This will happen to you and as I said if your blessed…

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Valentine’s Day.

February the 14th is also known as Valentine’s Day, named after St Valentine. The patron saint of lovers. He is believed to have been a Roman priest who got into trouble with Emperor Claudius Gothicus because of him helping persecuted Christians marry.

Nowadays, however, it has become a huge commercial event for shops to try and get us to spend money. Flowers cost more for this day than on other days, companies repackage products for the occasion so they can charge more.

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I am a huge romantic, but object to the commercialisation of this day. Remember, you can show the love of your life how much you love them on any day of the year, so don’t feel compelled by advertising, media, social pressures etc…. to fall into the trap of buying expensive stuff or paying over the odds for a meal out on that day.

There are other ways to show your love, and on any day of the year.

  1. Always end the day on good terms, and say I love you – and mean it.
  2. Write a letter or poem telling them how you feel.
  3. Pop a random funny love note where they’ll see it.
  4. Even if you can’t afford a meal out, you could fill a flask with a hot drink and take some biscuits or cake and go for a walk and stop somewhere to enjoy them.
  5. Watch the sun rise, and set with them.
  6. Sit and chat, about everything, and about nothing in particular.
  7. Ask how their day has been, and listen to the answer.
  8. Cook their favourite meal, and eat it together by candlight.
  9. Buy them some flowers, or if that’s too expensive then make some out of paper. They’ll appreciate the thought and effort.
  10. Share a hobby/interest together.
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Check your ID is valid before heading to the polling station.


The government has recently implemented new regulations for voting. As a result, it is now mandatory to present a valid photo ID to cast your vote. However, it is important to note that not all forms of identification are acceptable. Even if your ID is accepted, it may not be valid for every age group. For instance, bus passes are permitted, but only for specific groups of individuals. Therefore, it is crucial to double-check if your ID is valid before heading to the polling station.

It is imperative to understand that failure to present the appropriate ID will result in being denied the right to vote. So, make sure to prepare and bring the necessary identification to avoid any inconvenience.

This link will explain what is required in your area of the UK, make sure you select the correct country for you.