The Unexpected Visitor.


There came a knock upon my door
But none of my friends had come before
When I opened it up, to my surprise
There was a crow, with shining eyes!

It perched upon my windowsill
Its voice so loud, it made me thrill
“Can I come in?” the crow did ask
As I stared back, fulfilling its task

I nodded my head, in disbelief
And found myself in utter relief
The crow flapped its wings, and came inside
And to my surprise, it didn’t hide

On the table it sat, without a care
Feeding on crumbs, without any fare
And when it saw, I was watching it there
It looked at me, without any scare

It cawed and croaked, then flew away
But it had made my heart’s day
For I’ll never forget, that curious crow
That came knocking on my door, you know!


Diving into The Evolutionary History of Whales


I have always liked whales, and used as a teenager to collect anything whale or dolphin related such as ornaments, or jewellery. There are plenty of whale and dolphin themed gift ideas here

Whales are magnificent creatures that traverse the vast expanse of the world’s oceans, communicating through intricate and enigmatic sounds. Their sheer size is awe-inspiring, leaving me in wonderment.

If you also love these enormous yet graceful animals, then you may well be interested to read this article:

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Doris, I sympathise.


Ever try pretending to be asleep, or just giving yourself an extra 5 minutes in bed? I know I do, so I can sympathise with Doris’ the cows attempts to fake being asleep.

So sweet, and funny too. Have a look and see what you think.

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Giant Dinosaur coming to London!!

Do you have a dinosaur enthusiast in the family? Well, you might like to get on down to The Natural History Museum in London this year.


Who could resist a chance to see the Titanosaur, It was the largest dinosaur ever to walk the earth. Believed to have stood about 8 metres tall. I can’t even imagine that!! You get a chance to walk beneath the dinosaur skeleton, it sounds like an unforgettable experience.

If you want to know more, have a look here:

The Natural History Museum website can be found here:

For anyone with travel access needs going to, or in London, this should be helpful. I use the passenger assistance app which is mentioned on here for planning train travel.

Gift ideas for a dinosaur fan:

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I’m sorry but…..

I just couldn’t resist!

image of two identical elephants, each with a heart above the trunk.

I need to make cards for new-born twins, and had no inspiration. Then I saw this , and just HAD to buy it!!! How cute is this elephant die set ❤ . It’s gonna be gorgeous and I can use it for birthday cards etc…. afterwards so it will be well used.

Once I have made the cards I will add them to this post so you can see the end result using this die set. Are you a crafter, if so what do you enjoy making the most?

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Cats or Dogs?


There’s an age-old debate that shows no signs of slowing down: cats versus dogs. On one hand, you’ve got your feline overlords, known for their aloof demeanour and razor-sharp claws. On the other is man’s best friend, the canine cohort who’s always ready to play fetch and slobber all over your face. Sure, cats may be content to lounge around the house all day while dogs beg for attention at every turn, but let’s not forget that cats can also be fiercely independent and endlessly entertaining with their playful antics. And while dogs may be more easy-going and affectionate than their purring counterparts, they’ll never quite match the regal charm of a cat lounging on a windowsill or batting at a piece of string with deadly accuracy. Whether you’re Team Cat or Team Dog (or maybe even both), there’s no denying that our furry friends bring joy and companionship into our lives in unique ways.

Myself, I love animals in general, but I am on the dogs side in this one.

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Spring is on it’s way.

Letters spelling out the words -Spring is in the air. Photo by Polina Kovaleva on

Spring is on the way! After a long and dreary winter, the signs of spring are finally starting to show. Flowers are blooming and birds are chirping, signaling that warmer temperatures and longer days are just around the corner. With spring comes a renewed sense of energy and a desire to spend more time outdoors. In this article, we’ll explore some of the signs of spring, gardening tips for the season, and how to make the most of the warmer weather.

Signs of Spring: Blooming Flowers and Chirping Birds

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One of the most obvious signs that spring has arrived is the sight of blooming flowers. After months of cold weather, it’s a welcome relief to see colorful blooms popping up all around us. From daffodils to tulips to cherry blossoms, there’s no shortage of beautiful flowers to admire during this time of year. Another sign that spring has arrived is the sound of chirping birds. As they return from their winter migration or awaken from hibernation, they fill the air with sweet melodies. Their songs are not only pleasant to listen to but also serve as a reminder that nature is waking up from its long slumber.


Gardening Tips for Spring

With warmer temperatures and more daylight hours, spring is an excellent time to get outside and start gardening. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your garden this season:


Clean Up Your Garden Beds

Before planting anything new in your garden beds, make sure you clean them up first. Remove any dead leaves or plants from last season, prune back any overgrown shrubs or trees, and weed thoroughly.

Start Seeds Indoors


For some plants like tomatoes or peppers that require a longer growing season than what your climate provides naturally, starting seeds indoors can be helpful. This allows you to get a head start on growing these plants before transplanting them outside when it’s warm enough.

Add Compost or Fertilizer

Spring is also an excellent time to add compost or fertilizer to your soil. This will give your plants an extra boost as they begin their growth cycle for the year.

Warmer Temperatures and Longer Days

As spring progresses into summer, we can expect warmer temperatures and longer days. These changes have several benefits for our physical and mental health:

Get More Vitamin D

With more sunlight comes more Vitamin D production in our bodies which promotes healthy bone development.

Increase Energy Levels

As we experience more sunlight daily than during winter months which can lead us feeling more energized throughout our day-to-day activities

Boost Mood

Sunlight exposure also boosts levels serotonin in our brains which leads us feeling happier overall In addition, with increased daylight hours come more opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking or going on picnics with family or friends. In conclusion, spring brings about many positive changes that we look forward too each year including flowers blooming as well as warmer weather allowing us ample opportunity for outdoor activities . By following these simple gardening tips , you can make sure that your garden thrives during this time period . So go ahead soak up some sun while enjoying all nature has offer during these lovely months


Cat Toothpaste.

Well blow me down with a feather when I saw this mentioned online!


Mr Suits would not be happy if I tried to brush his teeth, he’s mostly an outdoor cat, so I’d have to catch him first.

He has a good diet, and exercises by strolling around his property, so I think we’ll give the toothpaste a miss to be honest.

Tabby cat with bright green eyes, and a matching collar.


Just had to share this tweet with you all. It’s incredible, nature at it’s most beautiful.


DEFRA: Bird Flu plans.

Do you have bird/s at home, if so, then please read on.

Cartoon picture of a chicken.

Be aware that keepers of backyard poultry, racing pigeons and show birds would be required to register their flocks under new government proposals to stop the spread of bird flu.

The government has launched a consultation on plans to make it compulsory for all keepers of “poultry, & other captive birds” to register them with the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). I’ve never heard of (APHA) before.


Defra‘s consultation document says: “This would mean any person who keeps one or more of any type of bird (including racing pigeons) will be required to register the bird(s) by providing specified information relating to those birds, the purpose for which they keep the bird(s) and their contact details.”


The proposal covers poultry birds reared for meat or eggs, or used in breeding programmes or restocking game supplies. “Other captive birds” include pet birds and any birds kept for shows, races, exhibitions, competitions, breeding or for sale.

But it likely won’t affect “pet birds kept entirely within a domestic dwelling”, such as parrots or budgies.

If you would like to add your views on this, then please use the link provided.