Do I need to microchip my cat?

We all love our pets dearly, they are another family member to us aren’t they. This means we do everything we possibly can to keep them safe.

The law has recently changed, which means mandatory cat microchipping is being introduced. Don’t panic, it hasn’t got to be done immediately, but be aware that you will have to ensure your beautiful purring friend will need to be microchipped by 10th June 2024.

The new legislation will help reunite thousands of lost pets with their owners each year. What a reassuring thought.


Make sure you can vote.

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Well, well, well, looks like someone’s looking to exercise their democratic rights! But hold your horses there, champ. Don’t forget that in order to vote in any future elections, you’ll need your trusty voter ID card. Yes sir, it’s just as important as bringing your ID when you’re buying a round of drinks at the pub – you simply can’t do without it. So whether you’re voting for the next Prime Minister, the local dog catcher or even the Miss Universe beauty pageant (okay maybe not that last one), make sure you’ve got your ID ready to rock and roll. After all, democracy is the ultimate party and we don’t want anyone getting turned away at the door now do we? Cheers to that!

If you are not sure what you need, then please dash and have a look on here to ensure you can indeed vote


The cost of living and financial support for disabled people.

If you’re Disabled and/or a Carer in the UK please fill out this quick parliamentary survey. It is about how the #CostOfLivingCrisis is impacting us. It is a good opportunity to get our voices heard before. It closes on 31st March!

£250m must not be cut from social care workforce funding’ in England

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The news that the government plans to slash £250m from social care workforce funding is truly alarming. This move threatens to exacerbate the existing crisis in the sector, leaving already vulnerable individuals without essential support and putting immense strain on an already overstretched workforce.

Social care workers have consistently worked long hours with limited resources, often for minimal pay. By cutting funding earmarked for training and recruitment, the government is effectively pushing them to breaking point, causing further damage to a system that has been struggling for years.

The human impact cannot be underestimated – many patients rely on their carers to manage complex medical conditions, provide companionship and maintain their basic quality of life. It is simply unacceptable that these crucial services should be sacrificed in the name of cost-cutting.

Urgent action must be taken to reverse this decision and avoid a potentially catastrophic outcome for thousands of people across the UK who depend on social care every day.


The Future Is In Our Hands

There has never been a more crucial time to start thinking about the future. With climate change, social injustice, and economic disparity threatening our planet’s well-being, it’s up to each of us to make a positive difference. Small individual actions can have a significant impact when combined with collaborative efforts towards a better future. Moreover, we must ensure that equality and social justice are at the forefront of all our initiatives. Here are some actionable ways that we can all work towards shaping a brighter tomorrow.

Individual Actions for a Better Future

Every little bit counts when it comes to protecting the environment and building communities where everyone has access to opportunities. Here are some simple actions that individuals can take:


Reduce your carbon footprint

One significant step you can take is reducing your carbon footprint by using public transportation or biking instead of driving, consuming less meat, reducing water usage, and buying from eco-friendly companies.


You could also consider volunteering for local organizations working on issues like homelessness, education, mental health or environmental protection. Not only will you be making an impact on important causes, but you’ll also meet new people and learn valuable skills.

Stay informed

To stay informed about current events that affect the world around us, read reputable news sources regularly. Follow organizations working toward sustainable development goals and support them by sharing their content on social media.

Collaborative Efforts for a Better Future

No one person can build a better future alone; it requires collective effort from government organizations, businesses and citizens alike to achieve long-term goals. Here are some ways we can collaborate:

Mobilize your community

Talk to your friends and family about important issues affecting your community such as infrastructure development or waste management policies. Attend town hall meetings or write letters to elected officials advocating for change.

Promote sustainable practices in your workplace

If you work for an organization or company, encourage co-workers to adopt eco-friendly habits like recycling or composting. Suggest carpooling incentives to reduce carbon emissions from employee travel.

Equality and Social Justice

A sustainable future must prioritize equality and social justice above all else. No one should be left behind when progress is being made. Here are some ways we can fight for equality:

Raise awareness


Social media platforms offer powerful tools for raising awareness about injustices in communities worldwide. Together with friends, you could create videos highlighting these issues and share them widely on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You could also organize charity events or fundraisers for marginalized groups.

Sponsor educational programs

We need educational programs aimed at promoting empathy, multiculturalism, and inclusivity among young people. Schools, colleges, and universities can facilitate debate sessions around topics related to different cultures ,histories, and religions. Together with others, you could sponsor such programs both online and offline. Encourage schools in underprivileged areas, to prioritize equal access to membership in these clubs too.


Closing Thoughts

The future lies in our hands: each small action contributes significantly towards ensuring that our planet continues to thrive. We’ve seen how joint efforts between individuals ,government organizations, and businesses have led to significant strides on various fronts. Equally important is ensuring that no one is left behind in the process. We must fight against inequality and promote unity in diversity. By acting collectively today, in meaningful ways we secure a brighter tomorrow for generations to come. Thus ,it’s all upon us as individuals and societies, to build a better future!

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Government alerts

Hurrah! The government is going to send alert warnings to everyone’s mobile phone. This will include flood alerts, weather warnings, fires and public health emergencies. The test is set for March 19th. Here’s the thing……. The UK has something like 80 million mobile phones in use. Estimates are 1 in 8 mobile users have a […]

Government alerts

Disability Benefits

At the moment, people with disabilities have to complete and undertake a work capability assessment to test which work-related responsibilities need to be kept to receive benefits in full.

Wheelchair user at work. Photo by Kampus Production on

This will be abolished, & benefits entitlement will be separated from an individual’s ability to work, as part of a planned overhaul of the system.

In future there will only be one health & disability assessment – the Personal Independent Payment (PIP) assessment.

I think there is going to be a lot of worry and confusion about this, personally I cannot see how this will work in practise. The PIP assessments and the Work Capability Assessments look at completely different things, so I am doubtful that this is a practical and sensible solution. I would imagine that the PIP guidelines and assessment criteria will have to change somewhat.

I know all this is meant with the aim of getting more disabled people back into work, but the issue isn’t solely about money from a disabled person’s point of view.


Some people are unable to work, however much they want to, and this is never going to change. Others are able to work if the circumstances are exactly right and the necessary support is provided and 100% reliable.

One big barrier as well as the actual disability involved, is the Social Care System. You cannot do a job, however capable you may be with support, if you can’t rely 100% on your PA/Carer arriving early enough every morning for you to get up, dressed and ready for work.

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Public transport issues too, if you don’t drive and use public transport – remember that only one wheelchair user can go on the bus at a time, so how are wheelchair users who commute by bus all going to get to work for 9am?!

It just isn’t as simple as find a job, you need to be totally sure that the company will be inclusive, you can get to work, and you can get the support/equipment to allow you to do your job to the best of your ability, also whoever you work for needs to understand you may need time off for hospital appts, physio etc…

100 Incredible Years.

Write a letter to your 100-year-old self.

Hello Me,

I can’t believe I reached a 100 years old, or have you cheated and opened this to read early? I know you’re nosey and may have forgotten what you wrote all these years ago.

Pink Birthday cake with Happy Birthday on it.

If you (I) really have just had your 100th birthday then, bloody hell, I’m awe-struck in amazement!! As I write this, the world is beautiful, but lets be honest, it’s got itself in a right old mess!!

Climate change is affecting our world, which is impacting on our environment and therefore our daily lives. Flooding, heatwaves, earthquakes and other natural phenomenon are occurring more and more, and in new places where they haven’t happened before. I mean only yesterday I read an article online saying that England is likely to be hit by a Tsunami. I am guessing either that didn’t happened, or you managed to evacuate (I wonder where to) in time. Thank goodness!!


I hope you we got a 100th Birthday card from the King/Queen this year, or has the Royal Family been removed by now? If not, I wonder who is the Head of the Royal Family now.

At this moment it kinda feels like the country is falling apart and goodness knows what has happened as the Social Care System isn’t great. I hope you ended up having your own home, and are still living there happily with any care requirements you may have being provided suitably. In which case either things have improved, or you won the lottery – literally I mean.

I know technology has changed tremendously in my lifetime so far, I can’t being to imagine what has been made possible since. I mean, are you even living on the planet Earth now, or have we inhabited another planet?


Please say hello to all I know who are still about, and remember to always say ‘I love you’ to the ones you truly love.

Time to get mad, not sad.

TIME TO GET MAD NOT SAD Calling all Social Care users and advocates for users Enough is way too much Join the National Campaign #scrapcarecharges

Did you know that over 60,000 disabled people in the last 12-months have been in social care debt!

This is why we need a fully funded social care system paid for by taxation free at the point of need.

Social care, unlike health care, is not free for everyone and most people will need to pay something towards the cost of their care and support. The local authority will  assess your finances & decide what you can afford.

When your LA provides care and support, it might charge you for this if it decides that you have the money to contribute towards the cost of your services. They should however take into account DRE (Disability Related Expenses) such as you having a higher than average electric bill due due to needing to charge equipment, or having an extra fridge for medication. You can write a list of things you believe should be taken into account, but they might not accept them all.


Surely we can fully funded social care system paid for by taxation free at the point of need. Think of all those big companies that don’t pay full UK tax. I’d imagine if that money was taken back by the government, that it would make a big dent in the costs of funding Free Social Care For All.


Help End Social Care Disgrace

There will be a public meeting (online) ar 6.30pm on March 20th.
Please join us to discuss 8 million carers trying to fill big holes in health & social care with almost no support
Hear from carers, politicians & campaigners