Jobs in care.

What do you imagine when you think of a job as a Carer/PA? I ask this because every one will be different.

Some people will need a carer to basically do everything for them, which is what I imagine most people assume they’d be doing if they worked in care, but this isn’t always the case. Some just need a bit of extra help to complete tasks they can’t do unaided.

Also, do you automatically picture the client as being elderly? If so, think again. There are many people who are working age (and children too) that need a PA to support them to live the fulfilling and independent life they deserve.

Imagine being 28 for example, and not being able to pop down to the local cafe to meet a friend for lunch, because you don’t have the support to get ready and get there and back.

Those who are lucky enough to find a PA have limited hours (unless they are well off enough to pay for the hours they need) which will cover the basic needs, which need to be prioritised, which can well mean little to no social time.

Being a PA can be a great experience if you work for someone you really get on with, and it can give you access to opportunities you might not otherwise have got. Such as being paid to travel abroad, weekends away, go to concerts that you couldn’t have afforded.

If you see a job advert for a Carer/PA opening, don’t dismiss it automatically, be curious if you think it might be interesting then enquire more about what the job entails and who knows you might end up applying for the job and loving it.



Is it just me, or do you too enjoy going on sites such as and looking at different properties?

I love browsing on there and looking to see what’s available, and what the prices are doing? I seem to have medium size price wants, not the really expensive ones, I’ve no desire for a swimming pool, fancy bathrooms, outdoor hot tubs, or huge ponds.

Prices are going down by the looks of it at the moment, I’ve noticed a couple of properties have dropped £10,000 recently.

Please tell me though, what on earth is it that people love so much about gravel?

As a wheelchair user it’s not my friend anyway, but it’s so untidy it spreads everywhere if you’re not careful. I’d much rather have tarmac or a brick weave driveway. Brick weave would be my preferred option, but tarmac would probably be cheaper.

Solar panels are something I’d definitely opt for, especially as we now seem to be having heatwaves more often.

Lots of dog friendly open spaces would be a great selling point to me, and ideally within walking distance of the local shops, on a good bus route to places further away.

Live, for how long?!?

Do you want to live forever?

Would I want to live forever? Forever is a very long time, longer than I could even imagine.

I think my answer would have to be, no, not unless my body stayed the same physical health and condition it is now (or better) and all those that I love, lived forever too.

It would be a long sad and lonely eternity if I was off bad health and had no friends and family in an ever moving and evolving world.

Just think how much has changed in yours, and your parents or even your grandparents lifetimes. All that new technology they’ve needed to learn and keep up with.

Forever is a lot longer than the number of years you and they’ve lived – gosh how many incredible yet confusing changes would you have to learn, understand and master.

A challenge in life?

Everyone has different challenges in life, my major challenge is how to do what I want/need to do when and where is best for me and my life.

Being disabled means you rely on others more than the average person, and quite often you have specific access needs too.

Take a simple day out, using public transport and including using loos and having a meal out. Well, as well as doing the usual basics of checking timetables for the best time for your needs, you also need to check the following times too – as buses only take one wheelchair at a time, and there could well already be a wheelchair user onboard the bus, or waiting before you in the queue.

Are the stores you need to go to accessible? No idea, so this is where I will either take a chance (if it’s not vital), or hit them up via e-mail, the phone or good old twitter – companies usually respond pretty quickly via twitter as the communication system is very public.

Meal out….. is the restaurant accessible for your needs? It may have wheelchair access, but what height are the tables themselves, and is the loo accessible, and useable? Often they are either non-existent, on another floor and the lift is out of action, or they are being used as a store cupboard.

Places I would love to visit.

Cities I’d love to visit include Innsbruck and Vienna in Austria, I grew up reading the ‘Chalet School Books’ by Elinor M. Brent-Dyer which were based in Austria for some of the series. Also I adore the musical ‘The Sound of Music’ which is also connected with Austria.

It would be incredible to have a chance to visit and spend time in this absolutely beautiful country with all it’s stunning scenery!!

If possible I’d visit a few of the landmarks mentioned in the book, and film, but would definitely want to do some untouristy exploring as well.


Happiness truly is contagious, and I personally am most happy when I am with others who are happy,

A simple but genuine smile can spread like wildfire if you care to share it with another person, and they then pass it on to others whilst out, and those people then each smile at someone else.

So when you are out and about, or at home, or visiting someone, just pass on that most simple and free of gifts.

A smile…..

I am not shocked by bad language but…..

I’m not shocked by the occasional swear word in a conversation, or when a person is hurt or in shock.

What I don’t understand is the need to add these words all the time, and on to things like mugs, t-shirts, etc…. just for the sake of it because its thought funny or clever.

Kids will come across these words naturally, why should they be surrounded by them all the time? They always used to be saved for when appropriate, but now they are just thrown liberally into any type of conversation. Why?

Is this due to a general lack of vocabulary knowledge, and people don’t know there are many other more words that they could use jn those situations?

Is it just that people consider them impressive and clever to use?

Core values of respect and responsibility also apply to how we speak with/to others, as well as how we treat each other. I, like you, use swear words. I do try to take the individual situation into account as much as possible. No, I don’t always get it right, but we can all try.



Do you trust your instincts?

We all get it wrong sometimes, but yes I do trust my instincts, especially about people. It has caused disagreements in the past when I have warned others that I have a bad feeling about someone but cannot explain why, but I have in the end been proved correct. So even if people don’t always understand or agree with what I have said, I know I have done my best to warn them.

I hide it well but am a worrier as to whether I am doing the right thing at times. My instincts about people, is one thing I do trust though.

A life without needing sleep…

If you didn’t need sleep, what would you do with all the extra time?

What an awful thought, I actually like sleeping, it recharges both your brain and the rest of your body, allowing you to process things subconsciously and replay emotions through dreams.

If I didn’t need sleep, I would read more, and craft more whilst everyone else was peacefully snoozing. The only problem with this is the dog would either be wanting a fuss, or extra walks, so not much extra reading would get done.

Cute small white dog, sat on someone's lap whilst they are trying to read their book.
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Today I spent several hours

Today I spent several hours helping to make people aware of the Trussell Trust, and hand out leaflets encouraging those who are able to, to donate a little something food wise.

People aren’t always aware that the help is there, or that donations are needed to help those who are struggling at the moment. With Trussell Trust foodbanks you do need to be signposted there, and given a bit of paper to show you’re eligible, this can be done by various places.

Once you have this you can I believe get help from them, and will get food to last you a few days. I will add a link to their website to help raise awareness, and so you can find out more information about them.

I would like to say how incredibly generous people are, and thank everyone who has donated in the past, or plans to do so in the future.

Some supermarkets have prepacked paper bags filled with items that your local foodbank is in need of, so if you are in a hurry, or are unsure what to get, pick one up and pay for it (the price will be on the bag) at the till along with your own shopping, and the supermarket will make sure the bag gets passed on to the foodbank for you.